Selected Projects


Implant Disposable Antibacterial Coating (I.D.A.C.). A Novel Approach to Implant-Related Infections in Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery.

Biofilm-related infections are among the main reasons for failure of joint prosthesis with high associated social and economical costs. Bacterial adhesion and subsequent biofilm formation have been shown to develop early after biomaterials implant into the human body, when a “race to the surface” takes place between the host’s cells and the colonizing bacteria eventually present at the surgical site.

Aim of iDAC is to develop, validate and bring to the market a disposable coating of implanted biomaterial; providing an antibacterial/antibiofilm coating of the implant may then play a strategic role in preventing biofilm related infections.

Consortium: 12 partners from 7 countries

Coordinator of the project: NOVAGENIT Srl  –  Italy

Funding programme: FP7-HEALTH

Project start: 1 January 2012

End date for the project: 30 June 2015

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