Training & Knoweledge Building

Training & Knoweledge Building

CF consulting offers a modular training programme on specific topics relevant to funding opportunities and tailored to the specific requirements of any research organization, SME, industry and public administration, who are either new or experienced to the funding programs.

In a short presentation or in a one-day courses we provide a structured overview of the area of interest, complemented by selected helpful insights, while a two-three day seminar provides a very detailed in-depth knowledge of the funding schemes, its participation and administrative rules, as well as the differences with the previous funded programs. Thanks to our modular approach, we can tailor our training to your specific needs.


Among others, the training  also includes topics such as:

•    Introduction to the European Community Programmes, with focus on H2020

•    How to write a competitive proposal

•    SMEs in Horizon 2020 and the relevant dedicated instruments

•    Drawing up a consortium agreement

•    Knowledge management of joint ownership and related IPR

•    Evaluation criteria: financial and operation capacity

•    Project management and how to prepare financial and technical reports

•    Developing an effective dissemination and communication strategy


CF consulting trainers own many years of both acquired knowledge and practical expertise.

Trainees will also receive access rights, unlimited for one year, to an online platform with news and up-to-date information on Horizon 2020 programme.

Regarding Knowledge Building, reinforce the networks and boost synergies between universities, research centers and industries is one of the leading priorities for the future economic growth, and it's a key factor for enhancing innovation.

Thanks to our multi-decade established international collaborative network, we promote ideas and projects into specific target communities. We can also help you to access to important decision makers within research organizations, industry and EU institutions, to identify complementary opportunities for you and your innovative idea and to join new environments where education, research, enterprise and society work together to produce and implement innovation into the marketplace.

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