Dissemination & Communication

Dissemination of the project’s results is a fundamental phase for every research and innovation project, as also recognized by the European Commission. Dissemination is the process of making available projects’ results and deliverables to stakeholders and to a widest audience. It’s fundamental for the success of the project and its sustainability in the long term. Main purpose of the dissemination process is to inform and educate the communities on knowledge goals of the project, raise awareness and engage stakeholders and influencers in the various communities, promote project’s results and finally drive long term sustainability.

For this important task, we support our customers and partners to develop the dissemination strategy, and we educate how to maximize visibility of the project outputs and how to share project outcomes with stakeholders, relevant institutions, organizations, industries and individuals.

Key methods and tool for dissemination of results include

•    Publications, presenting the project and describing result objectives.

•    Conferences and workshops, to give the project a high profile and visibility and to ensure that the community learns from project’s achievements.

•    Website, the vehicle to explain to the widest audience the project’s aims and objectives and to disseminate information about project activities and results. The website is also the repository of any publicity may have been created, journal articles and publications, and the information channel for any planned meeting and conference, possibly also linked to social media such as FB, Twitter etc.

Dissemination goes hand-to-hand with Communication and relevant actions should derive from a comprehensive communication plan aimed at ensuring high visibility of the funded project and helping to maximize the impact of results.

The Communication strategy checklist includes:

•    Resource allocation to ensure good management

•    Define goals and objectives

•    Pick the audiences and work on a distinct strategy

•    Define the message platform, tell the story

•    Choose the medium and means to effectively deliver the messages

•    Evaluate the effort based on goals and objectives

We develop a Work Package on Dissemination & Communication, to include in the project proposal, together with the communication plan. In this context we support you to:

•    Write the Work Package

•    Develop the communication strategy

•    Elaborate the project identity concept, i.e. the project logo

•    Set up an efficient internal communication structure

•    Plan and organize periodical project meetings: preparation, execution, follow-up

•    Support for the definition of the message platform

•    Design and maintenance of the project website

•    Support for copywriting and layout of marketing material

•    Coordinate video marketing projects

•    Identification of target audiences and definition of the communication matrix

•    Develop PR and media relations

•    Plan and organize public events: conferences and workshops

Thanks to a clear and consistent communication, the project becomes visible!