Project Management

Adhering to project management methods and strategies reduces risks, cuts costs and improves success rates. With its broad practical expertise in the management of more than 100 European funded projects, CF consulting guarantees a state-of-the-art support in project management. This also includes reporting to European Commission, financial management, project dissemination, meeting organization, internal and external communication, in compliance with the guidelines of the European Commission and, very important, respecting the deadlines. We support you to:

•    Monitor the project’s roadmap to ensure the proper project’s execution.

•    Drive the elaboration of a contingency plan for identified risks and/or sudden problems, included the understanding of the priority of deliverables and which one may be deferred, to help managing the contingency.

•    Coordinate the project reporting: assure that all partners report results of their own task on time for team’s review; check the quality of the reports for content and language, and scrutiny for compliance to EC guidelines; submit the relevant reports via ECAS (European Commission Authentication System), the online tool of the EC; interact with the European Commission, coordinate responses to potential questions to facilitate an easy and fast approval of the reports, which is a mandatory gate to receive the follow-up funding during the projects.

•    Perform an accurate financial management. As the Funding Agencies require an accurate financial reporting at regular intervals, we support all the partners in the course of the project regarding the various financial topics, in close cooperation with the project coordinator. This also includes a continuous monitoring of finances during the entire project, the support for the elaboration of the individual financial statements with explanation of the use of resources, in close cooperation with the financial department of each project partner, and for the computation of the funding to be periodically transferred to each partner.

What’s for you ? Where are your benefits ?

•    simplified access to EU funding opportunities;

•    saving time – 70% of work necessary to prepare and support the request of grants and the management of the whole process is done by CF consulting, while you can focus on the technical and scientific aspects;

•    commitment to results – our attitude is commitment to quality and to results. That includes high-profile services for each project and remarkable attention in the relationship with all of our partners.